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What are Odds? How to effectively classify different Odds

Odds are one of the most important and fundamental concepts in online football betting that every player should know. At the same time, this form of betting is quite diverse in how it's played. However, some players still struggle to differentiate and define this concept. So, in today's article, let's explore what Odds are and how to effectively classify them with

What are Odds? How to classify Odds?

To answer the question of what Odds are, you can define it in the simplest way as the winning ratio for each player when placing bets at any given bookmaker. This number depends on how the bookmaker presents it and the ratio between the total number of outcomes and the winning outcome. From there, players will choose the most suitable type of bet and try their luck to get rich.

The concept of Odds is like that. But to succeed with this betting ratio, it requires you to have a good judgment and a cool head that always believes in your instincts. Occasionally, Odds may also be changed unexpectedly by the betting site. Therefore, you need to focus on continuously updating information to avoid unjust losses.

Some bookmakers offer relatively high Odds and place a large amount of bets on an underdog to entice you to bet on them. Then, they will change it at the last minute and ensure a large profit immediately. So never just look at the quantity to place bets; always trust your instincts.

Types of Odds commonly found in football betting

In the world of football betting today, there are countless types of Odds, and they will be applied by each bookmaker, or sometimes even vary for each betting market. Therefore, if you don't understand them well, you are very likely to become a target of the largest-scale scams. Here is a list of common Odds:

MY Odds

MY Odds are a type of Odds applied at bookmaker usa from Malaysia. It has the ability to display both your betting amount and your winnings for each bet. And this index can be in both negative and positive formats to indicate when you lose your bet. With this index, the formula for calculating is: Betting amount + Betting amount multiplied by Malaysia's Odds = Total winnings.

And surely, when you lose, you will lose all of that money. This is obvious and also the biggest risk that no one wants to experience in football betting, right? Malaysia's Odds are considered the most popular and fair in terms of Odds.

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Indo Odds

Another type of Odds from Indonesia is also very popular in the world of football betting. However, its number largely depends on the Odds of Hong Kong. Because if the Hong Kong Odds are greater than 1.00, then Indo's Odds will be the same. And its calculation method is also divided into two cases similar to Malaysia:

When you win, the profit amount will also be calculated according to the formula: Betting amount + Betting amount multiplied by Odds. And when you lose, you will also lose everything, which is obvious.

Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong Odds are the foundation for developing other types of Odds such as those from Indonesia or the United States. Its format is usually greater than 0.00 and it usually only displays the player's winning betting amount.

Hong Kong Odds are usually higher than Malaysia's Odds

Hong Kong Odds are usually higher than Malaysia's Odds

Above are the insights into what Odds are and a list of common Odds found in football betting. As a "sharpshooter," surely you should not overlook these useful knowledge to increase your winning rate.


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