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Share experience to read detailed football odds for beginners

As a betting enthusiast, surely everyone knows how to read bookmaker odds. However, over time, there have been some changes to adapt to the market and the players' needs. In today's article, Wintips will update the latest details on bookmaker odds. Follow closely to grasp the information and read daily single football tips the odds more accurately.

What are bookmaker odds in football?

To understand how to read bookmaker odds, you need to understand what bookmaker odds are. This is the most important and common term when you engage in betting and odds analysis. Specifically, these are the options for players to place bets with the bookmaker. These odds are provided by the bookmaker's sports experts based on various factors.

Typically, to provide these odds, bookmakers have to do a lot of research. They have to consider match information, team performance, player lineup, etc. From there, they offer odds that are suitable for the players' needs and help them win more easily.

This means that if you want to win big, you need to know how to read bookmaker odds. They have researched and provided options that are suitable for the match. So players just need to read accurately and place their bets wisely to win.

Detailed guide on how to read bookmaker odds

The field of sports betting has been around for quite some time internationally and in Vietnam. Therefore, in different periods, different regions have their own ways of reading odds. Here are some of the most common ways to read odds. Keep updated to confidently participate in odds analysis and betting.

How to read bookmaker odds – Asian Handicap

First, let's talk about Asian Handicap odds, a very broad and deep odds type. In some areas, this is also known as Asian Handicap. This means that the bookmaker offers two betting options, and players who play this type of odds choose one of the two. Reading these odds is also simple, so you don't need to worry.

To create excitement, many places offer very unique and interesting Asian Handicap odds. Depending on the situation of the two teams playing, there will be different handicap odds. Some common types that you should consider are as follows.

Level Asian Handicap

Level Asian Handicap is released when two teams are evenly matched in terms of ability. With this odds type, we don't need to care about the final score. Just choose one of the two teams to place your bet on.

If the chosen team wins, you will win the entire bet. If a draw occurs, the bookmaker will refund the bet for both sides.

Half Asian Handicap

Another popular type of odds is the half Asian Handicap. This odds type calculates wins and losses similar to Level Handicap, but with a slight difference. Betting on either team doesn't matter, if that team wins, you win.

However, if a draw occurs, the bettor on the upper team will lose half the bet. This means that bettors on the lower team will win half the bet.

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How to Read Handicap Betting Odds 0.5-1

This type of handicap bet is quite common in continental tournaments, such as those organized in Europe or in the Asian region. For this type of bet, reading the bookmaker's odds is straightforward. Depending on the bookmaker, the odds may be displayed as 0.5-1 or 3/4, but they both equate to 1.

For this type of bet, you predict whether to bet on the team above or below. Once you've placed your bet on the upper team, that team must win by more than 2 goals over the other team. Otherwise, you will lose your bet.

Asian Handicap Bet with 1 Handicap

Reading the odds for this 1 handicap can be a bit more complex. When participating in this bet, the default score is already 1-0 in favor of the underdog team. Therefore, for the upper team to win the bet, they must score more than 2 goals over the other team.

If the match ends with the upper team leading by only 1 goal over the lower team, the result is considered a draw. In this case, the bookmaker will refund all players. Players who bet on the lower team will win if the match ends in a draw or if the team with the handicap loses.

European Handicap Betting Odds

In addition to Asian handicap bets, European handicap bets are also very popular nowadays, especially during intense periods like the C2 cup matches. This type of bet is not too complicated; reading the bookmaker's odds is easy, and the gameplay is simple too.

Some bookmakers display these odds using the 1×2 format, which appears in many major matches. This type of bet is suitable when the two teams are evenly matched in terms of ability. Moreover, this bet will not appear when the two teams play on neutral ground.

This means it only occurs when one of the teams plays on their home turf. Players will then bet on one of the three main options:

Betting on 1 means choosing the home team to win.

Betting on 2 means choosing the away team to win against the home team.

Option X is for those who think the match will end in a draw.

This gameplay is straightforward, and the odds are high, so newcomers often choose European handicap bets. You don't necessarily need a lot of experience to participate in this type of bet.

How to Read Over/Under Betting Odds

For betting enthusiasts, over/under betting is no stranger, whether in casinos or sports. This type of bet is highly popular, and about 90% of players will know about it. Reading these odds is also straightforward, without much calculation required. Reading the over/under betting odds relies on the total goals set by the bookmaker. Players choose Over or Under for this bet.

For example, when team A and team B are about to play, the bookmakers set the total number of goals at 2. Players simply bet Over if they think the total goals will be higher than 2. Conversely, if the two teams score very few goals, they bet Under.

This bet is relatively easy to win, especially for newcomers who haven't analyzed matches extensively. With only two betting options, players already have nearly a 50% chance of winning.


Betting odds in football are continuously evolving, with various odds available. The above explanation covers at football tips website how to read the odds for the most popular types of bets, favored by many players. We will provide detailed information on other specialized bet types in another article. Stay tuned to the Sports section on Wintips for more updates.


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