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Australian Football: What Is It? A Guide to Australian Football Betting at Wintips

Australian football betting is a unique and novel bookmaker online sports betting discipline. This sport has attracted a large number of participants and is developing rapidly, rivaling other sports. Right now, Wintips will help you understand the origins and the exciting game of Australian football betting.

What is Australian football betting?

Australian football betting is an online sports betting discipline based on bookmakers' odds. Although this discipline has not been widely popularized in Vietnam, Australian football presents an opportunity for you to make money through Australian football betting odds.

Similar to other sports, players only need to familiarize themselves with the teams, follow the match schedules, then access the bookmakers and start placing bets.

Australian football betting is not overly complex, easy to play, and offers a relatively high winning rate. However, to secure winnings, players need to spend some time understanding the basic rules, Australian football betting types, and major Australian football tournaments to increase their chances of winning.

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Guide to Australian football betting

Among all sports in Australia, Australian football is the most watched sport on television.

The largest and only professional tournament of this discipline is the Australian Football League (AFL). The AFL Grand Final matches are held annually at Melbourne Cricket Ground. This club championship event attracts the largest television audience in the world.

The AFL is the world's largest club championship with 18 teams competing against each other at least once.

After the completion of 23 matches, the top 8 teams are selected to advance to the playoffs. The teams continue to play against each other, and the 2 winning teams advance to the AFL Grand Final to decide the championship.

Australian football betting odds

The odds are set as a multiplier of the amount of money the player has placed on the bet. The odds are used to calculate the amount of winnings the player will receive for each specific bet.

Players can calculate the exact amount of winnings by multiplying the bet amount by the odds.

For example, if a player bets 300 thousand VND on the West Coast Eagles team with odds of 2.5, and the West Coast Eagles win, the player will receive 750 thousand VND (which is 2.5 times the initial bet amount).

Each bookmaker will set different odds. Therefore, before participating in betting, you need to compare different bookmakers to choose the best odds for your match.

If you bet at low odds, the likelihood of winning will be higher. Conversely, higher odds may make it difficult for players to receive rewards.

However, predicting outcomes is uncertain. For example, a team with a 75% chance of winning may still face the risk of defeat.

Australian football betting rewards

Australian football betting is a betting game that rewards real money. The match results are continuously updated and announced immediately after the match ends.

The total amount of winnings that players win from australia bookmaker football betting at Wintips is always transparent. To know the amount of winnings during the betting process.

Players can check in the "Balance" section located in the upper right corner of the screen.

The process of exchanging betting rewards for real money and withdrawing money at Wintips is extremely simple. Just access your personal profile page. Then, click on the withdraw command to your bank account.

To complete the transaction, you need to wait a short period of time. In less than 5 minutes, the winnings will be credited directly to your bank account.

Tips and experiences when playing Australian football betting

Understand the rules of play, scoring methods, and competition rules. This will help you easily understand the match when following the players. Thus, players will confidently make predictions in each betting match.

Analyze match information before placing bets. Players need to take the time to research how teams play, their form, health issues, achievements of teams and players in previous seasons, positions in the rankings, etc.

Follow the match schedules of matches in the season. Players should choose and bet on matches that attract a large audience. Because major tournaments always feature the presence of professional and famous athletes. Thus, the chance of winning is sure to increase.

Don't overlook substitute players. Know that players on the field are more interesting. But the coach can change players at any time. Substitute players on the bench can change the situation if they come on the field.

Join the community of Australian football enthusiasts. Because this discipline is not widely popular, players can join groups related to Australian football. You can learn a lot of knowledge, assessments about players, and more secure assessments in upcoming matches from community members.

Pay attention to the location of the match. For some teams, the home ground factor can affect their performance. Players will feel pressure if their home ground cannot ensure their success. Therefore, to assess this factor, players need to reconsider matches in their history to make the right choice.


Australian football betting is fundamentally similar to other sports disciplines. The information we have shared will help you better understand this unique and exciting discipline.

Apply that knowledge to win more rewards. And right now, quickly access Wintips and experience with us.


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