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Firoz Gualmhussein
Firoz Gualmhussein

Buy the Innovative Hydro Bubbler at Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke

Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke is a premium seller of top-grossing CBD and smoking products. We bridge the gap between brands and customers with high-quality vaping and smoking solutions. Order the innovative Hydro Bubbler for 510 cartridges if you are willing to try something truly unique. 

This device makes vaping extremely easy with industry-leading features and a durable design. Hydro Bubbler is incredibly easy to assemble and use with Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, or any other distillate. Its voltage adjustment function indicated by LED lights makes your sessions fun. 

Use your favorite 510 cartridges and vape on the go with Delta Extrax Hydro Bubbler. 

Take the Perfect Hit

While its sturdy design and 650mAh battery capacity are impressive, the truly standout feature of the Hydro Bubbler is its voltage adjustment function. You can personalize your sessions with four voltage settings to adjust the strength and enjoy vaping the way you want to. 

Each voltage setting is denoted by its LED indicator light, which is as follows:

  • Blue: 3.2V

  • Purple: 3.6V

  • Red: 4.0V

  • Cycle lights color: 2.2V

You can adjust the power output of your choice and vape-on-the-go with a seamless experience. 

At Sam's Paradise Vape & Smoke, our online CBD smoke shop has the highest quality products at competitive prices. We have nicotine and freebase vapes with varying strengths, flavors, and features to elevate your senses. 

Call (404) 500-3983 to learn more about our purchase policy and cashback reward program. 


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