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When is it too Late to Fire your Attorney?

Firing an attorney isn’t a complicated process. As a client, you are well within your rights to switch lawyers at any time during your case. However, such a decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Changing your legal representation at the wrong time may cause complications that will be difficult to address. On the other hand, if you think your attorney has or will negatively impact your case or issues between you cannot be resolved, you let go of their legal services.

So when is it too late to fire your attorney?

Hiring a new attorney in the middle of your divorce or family law dispute may add significant costs and time on your part. If your attorney is close to reaching a settlement agreement, they may have a claim to their complete legal fee. Additionally, if your case has made substantial progress, for instance, your attorney has successfully negotiated a settlement with your spouse which is about to be finalized, it can also jeopardize the whole process. The new attorney may have to revise your case or even have a different strategy. Such a move could restart the negotiations from the ground up again.

The judge may also prohibit you from switching attorneys if your case is close to a verdict.

Make Informed Decisions with our Family Law Specialists

If you are unhappy with your current attorney, contact Jos Family Law for a free consultation. We will assess your situation and explain all risks and scenarios that may pan out if you change your attorney. If you wish to proceed, we will create a strategy to protect your interests and ensure a smooth transition of legal services.

Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to » to schedule a free consultation with Jos Family Law today.


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